3 Day Workshop Recently Launched in Australia
Learn how to become a workplace trainer


Introducing our Train The Trainer – 3 Day Workshop

Recently launched in Australia and to be rolled out into New Zealand in 2024.

Frequently, managers and supervisors are assigned the responsibility of training their team members.

This may involve teaching job-specific procedures, providing product training, enhancing customer service skills, and more.

The ability to effectively educate others can greatly influence the success of this task.

It is important to note that having knowledge and expertise alone does not automatically ensure one’s ability to effectively convey that knowledge.

This program is available to be conducted in any location throughout Australia. However, currently it is only open to closed groups, and pricing is available upon request. Get an onsite team quote >

Equipping Managers and Supervisors with Facilitation Skills

Our Train The Trainer workshop aims to equip managers and supervisors with the necessary tools and techniques to become highly effective trainers.

Through interactive sessions, practical exercises, and insightful discussions, participants will learn the art of effective communication, the principles of adult learning, and how to create engaging training materials.

They will also gain valuable insights into understanding diverse learning styles and adapting their teaching methods accordingly.

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