Behavioral Profiling

A powerful set of tools that assist with developing leadership and management ability.

Training and profoling for new leaders and managers

Aspiring Leaders

Behavioral Profiling tools assist with the development of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, motivation, and communication.

Our list of tools are specifically helpful for aspiring frontline leaders managers, and supervisors.

Included with Each Session

Personality Questionairs for Leaders

Our Behavioral Tools

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

This personality assessment tool considers numerous variables including world focus, information-gathering, decision-making and interaction style. The extremes of these variables consist of introversion vs extroversion, sensing vs intuition, thinking vs feeling, and judging vs perceiving. Individuals are classified according to how their strongest traits correlate.

DISC® Profiling

The DISC® Profiling tool assesses individuals on four behaviour styles that include either dominance, influence, steadiness or conscientiousness. This predicts how the individual is most likely to act/react to certain situations.

360 Degree Feedback Surveys

The 360 Degree feedback survey is a common tool used in assessing an individual’s performance within the organisation. This survey accounts for various perspectives from relevant stakeholders including peers, subordinates and managers.

EIQ16 Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire

The EIQ16 Emotional Intelligence test gathers information on the individual’s emotional intelligence competencies. This tool is incredibly useful for training, coaching and team collaboration.

Parker Team Player Survey

The Parker Team Player Survey gauges a person’s character and how they operate within a team. The survey is based on four team player styles and identifies where the individual feels most comfortable.

Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats

The Six Thinking Hats tool is a specific process of thinking that teaches leaders how to focus more productively in solving problems. The method focuses on six thinking styles with each style represented by a different coloured hat.

Each tool mentioned above has been carefully selected to further enhance the relevant training program.

5 star attendee feedback
Our trainer was a knowledgeable and skilled presenter who brought each person’s story to the table which allowed us to further learn from each other.
- Head of Lending & Operations
I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the way it was presented it. I feel I will be able to make immediate improvements and look forward to implementing them.
- Production Manager
Out trainer was a pleasure to have facilitate the course and managed our diverse group extremely well. Would highly recommend.
- NSW State Coordinator

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